„Mulino Vardzini” is a trademark, officially registered in 2012 and owned by “IGA Invest” LTD. It is a new venture for production of confectionery products, registered in 2009 by Armenian and Bulgarian investors. The company is located in the town of Petrich, Bulgaria. Production is carried out with modern equipment and the latest technology which allows us to make high-quality and competitive biscuits.

A guarantee for the quality of our products is the high-quality Italian and Israeli equipment PADOVANI, MONDIAL FORNI, LA FORTEZZA, LIAD-LPAK that we use. It complies with the Europeanand International standards and requirements. The quality of our manufactured products is vital to our business, hence we pay particular attention to the careful and thorough selection of ingredients and strict adherence to the exact recipe which contains no conservatives and preservatives.

The wide range of Mulino Vardzini biscuits is represented by over 10 types. Despite the excellent results achieved, we strive to develop original recipes and new ways of production. The whole team of Mulino Vardzini takes part in this creative process. The confectionery products of our company have one unique feature – to bring joy and sense of celebration.

To this date, we have a strong demand and presence in the Russian Federation and Bulgaria. However, we aim to expand the presence of our confectionary products in Georgia and Armenia and later on a global scale – Greece, Sweden, France, America, Australia, etc…

We most value our customers’ and clients’ wishes, thus it is a priority for us to always be innovative in the productions of biscuits. The cookies from Mulino Vardzini are original in their recipes, beautiful packaging and unbeatable quality. The guarantee for that is our certificates – HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and ISO 22000:2005.

Mulino Vardzini aims to create confectionery masterpieces to the delight of every customer.

Enjoy our cookies!